The Champagne Charlie Stakes
February 20 - March 19, 2016
Written by Bruce Graham
Directed by Jim Landis

It's a very special day at the racetrack, where 'Champagne' Charlie, a race-track regular, has had a race named in his honor. A dreamer and teller of tall tales, Charlie is accompanied by his wife of fifty-three years, Mary Lee, an incurable romantic, Jackie, a family friend and race track bookie, and their daughter, Mary, a divorced high-school drama teacher, and the realist in the family. Mary has nervously invited along her long-time boyfriend, Paul, to finally meet her parents. Since this is such a special day, Charlie conspires with Jackie to place the bet of his life - his entire meager savings ('the whole she-bang') - on a long-shot hunch. This funny, poignant story about love between a couple with long history is by the same playwright who penned the Firehouse hit, 'The Outgoing Tide'.

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Ticket Prices:
$22 - Adults
$20 - Seniors & Students & Military
$17 - Group (10+)

Special group rates available (please call)
For reservations or information, call our message line: 303-562-3232.

Performances at The John Hand Theater
7653 E. 1st Place.
Denver, CO 80230

Show Times:
Sat, February 20 7:30 PM
Sun, February 21 2:00 PM
Fri, February 26 7:30 PM
Sat, February 27 7:30 PM
Sun, February 28 2:00 PM
Fri, March 4 7:30 PM
Sat, March 5 7:30 PM
Sun, March 6 2:00 PM
Fri, March 11 7:30 PM
Sat, March 12 7:30 PM
Sun, March 13 2:00 PM
Fri, March 18 7:30 PM
Sat, March 19 7:30 PM